My Vision Quest

My Vision Quest –Excerpts 31st March 2016

Three months ago I stepped from this circle into the bush on my 60th  birthday, on a 40 hour Vision Quest. I went deep into the bush and into my heart for 2 nights. I had water, a notepad, a tarpaulin over my head, a sleeping bag and mat….No food, no phone, no watch, no book, nothing to distract me from sitting with myself. But I had Mother Earth and all that she offered as I made space for her messages. In this space something profound changed. I am not the same person I was. It needs time to integrate as I walk this in my life now. Thankyou Haaweatea and Nature Knows – you held me while nature shared her rhythm with me. My body and soul felt this rhythm – the world looks different now.

Below are some excerpts form my diary….

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